The New Pound Coin Will Feature Farmyard Animals

It is believed that the new pound coin is to feature the image of Cows and other farmyard animals. The Royal Mint has confirmed that the new pound coin, which is the first new pound coin to be introduced since 1983 is to have an image of farmyard animals pressed into the coin. In November last year, the Royal Mint was scrutinised for the use of tallow in their new £5 note, causing a petition to amass 133,000 signatures. To show their appreciation to animals and the Vegan community on the whole, the Royal Mint has made this extraordinary decision in the hope to appease itself amongst the Vegan community.


Doug Maw, who started a petition against its use, said he was delighted to hear the news that animals were to feature on the new pound coin. “It was a disgrace to hear that the new fiver contained traces of tallow but this all makes up for it. Whilst I’ll never use a £5 note again, I’ll try to make sure I have all my money held in the new farmyard £1 coin collection”.

But he also expressed his concern that the new pound coin will be used to purchase animal products. “If people are using this Vegan coin to purchase a greasy kebab at 3am, then surely this defeats the purpose of the new farmyard coins? More needs to be done so that these coins can only be used to purchase non-meat items!”

Doug announced that he was going to start a new petition to ensure the Royal Mint put a plan in place that ensures these coins can’t be used to buy meat.

Dr Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum, said: “Last year we also mark the achievements of Jane Austen, Sir Isaac Newton and The Royal Flying Corps – all pioneers in their own field.

After the tallow incident last year, I’m pleased to hear we’re showing our appreciation to farmyard animals. Agriculture represents a great British tradition and something to be celebrated. The public should begin to see these coins in circulation in 2018”.

Si MacDonald, a farmer from somerset has said that the Royal Mint have been in touch to find the perfect pig to cast a silhouette portrait to feature on the new pound coins. He said that whilst he thinks the idea is completely ridiculous, he was happy that one of his pigs was to feature on the new pound coin. He added,”It’ll taste even better knowing that it featured on the coin”.

David Cameron is said to be horrified of the new idea. Following the Pig-Gate scandal last year where it was revealed he had sex with a pig whilst studying at Eaton. He said that whilst pigs are “extraordinary, loving and caring animals, the constant reminder of a pigs head on the new coin sends shivers down my spine”.


Whilst not everyone is happy with the idea, the new pound coin will be the most secure coin the Royal Mint has ever released, making it extremely difficult to forge. The Farmyard collection will have a limited circulation of 2 million coins but if demand is great, they may consider making farmyard animals a permanent feature of the new pound coin.


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