The Future of Headphones

Technology is so exciting right now and the changes that are being made are exceptionally fast. It hasn’t even been 10 years since Apple launch the first iPhone and we couldn’t have imagined back then what significance this would have on our lives. However, with all good things, they must come to an end or change significantly. A few monumental moments in tech to remember that were once seen as an “o they can’t surely replace that” kinda moment.

However, whilst you expect these changes to cause outrage to consumers who has spent money on technology that is no longer up to date, the pinch never really hurt that bad and yes, whilst some people complained at the time, they quickly adapted and accepted the new technology.

Which leaves us with the last significant change that is yet to occur, the humble headphone jack, which has been the popular choice for almost 100 years.  Rumours have been circulating that suggest the humble headphone jack is on its way out. This is especially true on Smartphones where the desire to make phones thinner is being hindered by the size of the headphone jack. Here are some predictions on what the future of headphones may look like:

Bluetooth Headphones



Whilst being wireless, Bluetooth is now a relatively old technology and many using Bluetooth headphones often complain of poor sound quality, connectivity issues and the re-chargeable battery not lasting as long as they had hoped. Expect Bluetooth headphones to surge in popularity in the next 2 years as companies (such as Bose, Beats and Bang and Olufsen) will seek to capture this market with heavy advertising and further endorsements before major changes take place in Bluetooth technology. Expect to see greater sound quality, greater connectivity and better range will all make this option more desirable within 5 years.




USB-C has been adopted on Apples range of Macbooks

With regards to accessories as a whole, expect this to become the norm within the next 3 years, Intel have already suggested that a smaller USB-C port is to become the industry standard whilst Apple is expected to remove the 3.5mm socket altogether and just use the lightening port that we currently use to charge the phone. If Apple are to remain stubborn and not adopt the USB-C port on their smartphones, things may get incredibly awkward with accessories that only work with Apple or extra adaptors for people who have multiple devices. However whilst the transition takes place, consumers will have no choice but to use adaptors until “Digital Headphones” become affordable.

Bone Conducting Headphones


Batband (


The future of this technology is currently uncertain. Whilst the name might not be so glamorous the technology is certainly appealing to all fitness freaks as it allows you to remain focused on what’s going on around you. Expect these to become a niche market as small companies are having successes with Kickstarter and Sony are currently researching the idea. However, without the sound quality to match, they just seem to be a preferred option whilst exercising.

 The End of 3.5mm?

It’s safe to say the 3.5mm jack is yet to have its last day in the Sun as audiophiles will still see it as the preferred option for sound quality and consumers will also see it as the most affordable option for the time being. However, in the “internet of things” world it will be exciting to see what companies will bring to the forefront in terms of new technology to further advance the cause of eliminating the 3.5mm jack entirely from portable devices. You heard it here first.




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